Gmail accounts that have not been used for two years will be closed from December 1

Kathmandu. Google is going to permanently close the Google (Gmail) account which has been inactive for two years. The company has sent an email to all Gmail users about the ‘Google account inactivity policy’ and informed that the inactive account will be closed.

Along with this, Google accounts that have not signed in even once in the last two years will be removed. The company has informed that it is going to close the deleted Gmail account so that it will not be re-created.Google has introduced this rule along with the feature of unlimited storage in 2020. However, at that time, it was said that only the data in the Gmail account that had not been used for two years would be deleted. But now Google has said that not only the data but the entire account will be deleted.

If you’ve forgotten your old account password, or haven’t logged in yet, you still have time.Because unused accounts are more likely to be hacked, Google has prepared to delete inactive accounts for two years for security reasons. However, Google has mentioned that reminder emails will be sent repeatedly to all Google accounts before deletion.

Therefore, you need to use your Google Account at least once every two years to prevent deletion of your account and data (content).
Your account will remain active while you send emails, use Google Drive, watch YouTube videos or download apps. If you have multiple accounts and can’t remember them, you can reactivate them using Google’s account recovery tools.

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