When it comes to hotness actress, the bucket list would overflow. However here are Top Most Beautiful & Hot Nepali Actresses And Models in Nepali film industry (Kollywood). You can comment your favorite actress in the comment section.

01. Priyanka Karki

Regardless of how much you enjoy the memes made on her you have to admit that she is a beauty. While we agree that people have their own taste and she may not be the type of some, no one can deny her talent and beauty. Think about it, she was just a small background artist just a few years ago and now she is among the top paid models and actresses of Nepal.

Even if you don’t know her history, you can tell this by the “before and after” meme about her. Now while she is a beauty sadly for those who are crushing over her she is married and that is bad luck for us. But regardless of whether or not she is married, no one can stop us from cruising on this talent and beauty model/actress.

02. Aditi Budhathoki

Aditi Budhathoki, is by far the boldest, most beautiful and hottest Nepali model and actress today. She has modeled for various online shopping stores like Amazon, Blinge, etc. Also has been active in doing calendar shoots like that for ‘Kuber Jewellery’. Has featured in various fashion magazines in Nepal, such as ‘Navyata’, Nari, M&S etc. Won the ‘Joy Papaya Glamhunt Award’ in the category of best skin (2013). Aditi has also appeared in Punjabi music video ‘Step Cut’ (Sandeep Brar). A fitness freak, she loves doing Zumba and Yoga
DOB: 28 June 1996, Damak, Jhapa, Nepal
Height: 1.65 m
Education: Bachelors in Information Technology.
Movies: Debut Film ‘Kri’ (2017)

03. Samragee Rajya Laxmi Shah

Samragyee is also very hot and sexy model and actress who is being frequently talked about her glamor, gorgeousness and attractive body. She is an actress with zero haters. She is a very beautiful actress who got fame after being exposed in the movie ‘Dreams’ with Anmol KC. She has also been seen on various videos and covers of many magazines portraying herself as a hot lady. She has done many other movies like ‘Timi Sanga’ and ‘Into Minto London Ma’ and many more. It would not be fair if we don’t count her among the hottest actresses of Nepal.

04. Keki Adhikari

Nepalese actress Keki Adhikari had been into professional modeling for some time. She appeared in various popular music albums, tv commercials, print and media advertisements and almost a dozen Nepalese movies. Keki shot to limelight after featuring in some popular music videos before getting picked up for the silver screen
DOB: 7 May 1988 at Kathmandu, Nepal
Height: 1.63 m

05. Alisha Rai

She is one of the youngest generations of models and actresses of Nepal. That does not mean she is any less famous though. We all know when she became the national crush of every Nepali Boy back in 2017 when the new loot movie came out. Well, you would be surprised but she also played a role in a 2014 movie called Binaya but that movie didn’t really do well. Apart from the loot 2 we also saw her in one of the most viral videos of the dance group Cartoonz Crew and as it is said the rest is history.

Having a bubbly personality and the looks for that personality she sure is a beauty. Why is she famous though? Is it just because of her looks? Well no and yes. She is a beauty but that is not all there is to it. Although she does not appear in movies as much, she does appear in music videos a lot and it is there that we see her expressions which are subtle yet noticeable and how she blends them according to the need for the song. If you want someone who can play every part of a romantic song, be it happy or sad, she is the best model there is.

06. Reema Bishwokarma

A multi-talented personality is not an actress but is also a model, video journalist and TV journalist. She started the acting career from the music video ‘Jindagi Bhar Saath Dinxhu Bhannele’ by Chris KC. She is a very hot actress and has the curviest body. She is liked by almost all of the audiences and has done movies like Swor, Visa Girl, Bato Muni Ko Phool and many more. By now she has been raised to pinnacle by the international reality show ‘Nepal Idol’ where she hosted as co-host. No doubt she is among the hottest actresses of Nepal currently.

07. Barsha Siwakoti

An actress and model Barsha Siwakoti 5ft 3 inches tall. She is also considered as hot and sexy model and actress of recent times. She made her debut in ‘Nai Nabhannu La’ a 2014 movie. She rose in fame after the blockbuster movie Pashupati Prasad, where she played a role of a lover of Khagendra Lamichhane. And yes it is a movie that no fans will ever forget. By now Barsha is a very versatile actress.

08. Benisha Hamal

Benisha Hamal is a Nepalese Radio jockey, model and actress. She has acted in eight movies and more than 150 music videos. She won several awards including National award in 2018 for her movie ‘BlindRocks’ She can be seen performing social works.

09. Shrinkhala Khatiwada

Shrinkhala Khatiwada is an award winning Nepali model and actress. Quite talented and beautiful looking, Phunu (Shrinkhala’s other name) was crowned ‘Miss Nepal World’ in 2018. She also represented Nepal at the ‘Miss World 2018’. She also became the second Nepali after Ishani Shrestha to win Beauty with a Purpose Award, and thanks to her gorgeous looks and a perfect figure, secured a place among the Top 12 of Miss World 2018.
DOB: 3 November 1996, Hetauda, Nepal
Height: 1.69 m
Education: Bachelor in Architecture
Parents: Birodh Khatiwada, Munu Sigdel Khatiwada

10. Barsha Raut

For those who know her only from the memes, believe it or not, Barsha Raut is a famous model and a well sought out model as well. The reason we started with this sentence is that she has been compared with Sonam Kapoor from Bollywood time and again because of some of the dumb sentences that she has made. But regardless of that, she has the skill and beauty to just ignore them and not be bothered with that.

With successive hit movies like Nai na bhannu la 4, Chakka Panja, and Jatra it shows that despite what she says she has the skills and talent to choose and act dang well in these movies. Also, she is among the few chubby models who have survived in the modeling industry. Given the requirements in the industry to look like the perfect girl with a thin waist and things like that if you can be chubby and still look gorgeous and make hit movies and music videos, then you are worthy of being a crush for even those who have impossible standards so needless to say she is the cush of thousands of Nepali boys.

11. Namrata Shrestha

Namrata Shrestha is a famous Nepalese model and actress. Namrata joined the Nepali movie industry in 2008 by acting in the romantic comedy movie ‘Sano Sansar’ directed by Alok Nengbang, which became a hit. After that she acted on a movie ‘Mero Euta Sathi Chha’ which was another blockbuster movie of 2009 and this sent Namrata’s popularity and fan following soaring. Namrata is also a National Film Award winner and is also popular for her Nepali music videos, theater productions and modelling.
DOB: 14 June 1985, Kathmandu, Nepal
Height: 1.52 m
Education: Kist College, SXC Alumni Association

12. Riyasha Dahal

Riyasha Dahal is the most popular actress and model in Nepal. She started her acting career from the YouTube series Aajkaal ko Love. Currently, Aajkaal ko Love is one of the most famous YouTube series in Nepal. The beautiful actress of College Nepal has a big fan following by her awesome acting skills and looks. Now, she has done numerous music videos as well. Besides acting skills, she also sings songs.

13. Ashma Biswokarma

We swear that we are not making this follower count up as she really has the exact 4 hundred and forty-four thousand followers on her Instagram at the time of this writing. Putting that aside for now, do you know her? Of course, you do. How can we say this? Well given that she is the only female in the dance group Cartoonz Crew and given that at one point in time each and every video of Cartoonz Crew was viral how can you not know her.

The fact that the group has split up with a few controversies along the way might have helped those who are not really into music videos but more into controversy know her as well. But keeping that aside, just like Alisha Rai, this beautiful dancer and model were the National Crush of all the Nepali boys for quite some time. She has both the elegance of a dancer and the beauty of a queen to rightfully be a crush of anyone who comes across her as well.

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