Prachanda’s appointment as Prime Minister today : President’s Office

The President’s Office will appoint a new Prime Minister today. Chairman of the Maoist Center Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ submitted the claim within the deadline given by the President for the Prime Minister to submit the claim within seven days.

Sheetal Niwas sources said that Prachanda is going to appoint Prachanda as the new Prime Minister on Sunday after submitting a claim to the President’s Office along with 169 MPs. “The claim has been submitted, now preparations are being made to appoint Prachanda as the Prime Minister after completing the process today,” Sheetal Niwas source told.

Prachanda Prime Minister with the support of 169 MPs
A petition has been registered to make the CPN Maoist Center the Prime Minister. After reaching Rashtrapati Bhavan Sheetal Niwas, a petition was registered at the President’s Office with the signatures of 7 parties. The petition is said to be supported by Jaspa, but there is no signature.

In connection with the above, the Honorable President has been invited to submit claims for the formation of a government with the support of two or more parties in accordance with Article 76 of the Constitution of Nepal on the 3rd of January 2079 within the same time limit, the member of the House of Representatives and the leader of the CPN (Maoist Center) parliamentary party Mr. We request that Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has our support for the post of Prime Minister. Since the number of members of the House of Representatives represented by the signatory parties is the majority of the total number of members of the House of Representatives, we request that he be appointed to the post of Prime Minister in accordance with clause (2) of Article 76 of the Constitution.

The petition is signed by UML President KP Oli, Maoist Center President Prachanda, Rashtriya Swatantra Party President Ravi Lamichhane, RPP President Rajendra Lingden, JSP President Upendra Yadav, Janamat Party President CK Raut and Civil Liberties Party President Ranjita Shrestha. There are 78 MPs from UML, 32 from Maoist, 20 from RASWP, 14 from RPP, 6 from Janmat, 4 from Civil Liberation Party and 12 from JSP.

Similarly, Prabhu Shah, Amresh Kumar Singh and Kiran Kumar Shah reached Sheetalnivas and expressed their support for making Prachanda the Prime Minister.

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