The relationship between Charls Sobraj and Nihita break up !

She did not even want to identify herself as Sobraj’s wife. Saying that Sobraj is the ‘first party’, she said that she will do whatever she has to do as a lawyer to bring him safely to France.

Such a confused look did not go away from him
Don’t cut the silk thread with the teeth
When did the age become white?
Kari Badri Jawani Ki Chatati Nahi
Well, this heartbeat is starting to increase.

This is a song from the Hindi movie Iskia, which closely matches the life of the infamous bikini killer Charles Sobraj. When a 66-year-old Sobharaj falls in love with a girl 44 years younger than him, this song is enough to explain the situation.It was said that there are no prisons for Charles that he cannot break. However, he broke through from the Afghani prison to India’s most secure Tihar Jail.

He had mysteriously escaped after throwing a birthday party for the security personnel in Tihar Jail and making everyone faint. Apart from India, Sobharaj was ‘Most Wanted’ for at least 8 countries.Even the prison in Nepal was not difficult for him. Because, at one time, there was not only a computer in the prison cell for him, but also a mobile phone. He could talk to anyone whenever he wanted.

Where is that only! World famous bikini killer Sobraj used to make love in jail. It was not easy for other prisoners to meet their relatives. For the infamous Bikini Killer, it was just the opposite.On 23 October 2065, he married a 22-year-old girl, Nikta Biswas, inside the jail. The jailer did not see it.Iskia’s song also says, ‘Chehre ki rang ta udne lagi hai, dil to bacha hai ji, thodi kacha hai ji’. That is, the color of the face is about to fade, but the mind is still young.

Even after marriage, Anjata used to go to jail many times. When Sobraj was brought to court, she used to respond to the media in favor of Sobraj.Sobraj took out an advertisement in a newspaper looking for a Nepali-French translator for legal battles. She also filed an application. Sobraj chose her as her mother was also a lawyer.
In an interview published in the book ‘Ooni’, she said that Sobraj was not less agile than a 25-year-old youth, and said that he was intellectually mature and romantic like his age. She has asked there, “Love should be done to the body?”

Because of her connection with Sobraj, she also got a chance to participate in season-5 of India’s famous reality show ‘Bigg Boss’.But the situation had changed in recent years. She stopped going to jail to meet Sobraj. Sobraj did not stop calling her from jail. According to prison sources, they used to address Ankita as ‘Wife’ while her mother Shakuntala used to call Biswas ‘Mother in Law’.

In recent years, Shakuntala’s circle was also thinned. In some cases, he lacked money inside the prison. An inmate who knows about Sobraj, who has been released from prison, says, ‘Everybody feels like eating something sweet sometimes. But he did not have money many times.Sources claim that as much as he was living a difficult life in prison, Anjaita was also moving away from his life. Shakuntala also told online news three months ago that she stopped watching Charles’s case.

Shakuntala said, “You may find something interesting.” Shakuntala said, “You may find something interesting.” She did not reveal who was watching Sobraj’s case at that time.

Sobraj did not meet Anita
After the Supreme Court ordered the release of Sobraj on Wednesday, the media tried to contact Anita. But she did not come in contact. Shakuntala, the mother of Anita, said that she was happy to hear that Sobraj was going to leave and gave a more understanding response tomorrow.

According to an aide who helped Sobraj in his legal battle, Anita and Shakuntala did not cooperate openly. “Even when I was called to the court, I had to suffer a lot,” says the source, “Even when I asked for the documents, there was not much help.”The same thing happened on Wednesday. Sobraj had to bring a letter from District Court, Bhaktapur to get out of jail. According to the source, Nitta told Sobharaj’s lawyers that she would go to Bhaktapur and bring the letter. But she didn’t bring it because she was busy.

Later, Sobharaj’s lawyers went on their own. “If all the procedures could have been completed today, there would not have been any trouble till today,” says the source, “but at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, she said, “I am at the end, and I will not be able to go to Bhaktapur.”
The legal practitioner asked Shakuntala and Ankita for the documents of the old judgments of District Court, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. They complain that there is no help in that too.

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