All flights from Bhairahawa canceled, fog covered the airport

Bhairahawa – All flights on the Bhairahawa-Kathmanda route have been canceled due to thick fog since Thursday morning. Gautam Buddha International Airport director and spokesperson Subas Jha said that all air flights were canceled on Thursday due to thick fog. “There is little chance that there will be an air flight on Thursday,” said Jha.

According to him, there are 21 domestic flights and one international flight daily between Bhairahawa and Kathmandu. For domestic flights, 1,000 passengers arrive and depart from Bhairahawa every day. Due to fog and fog, Jazeera’s international flight from Kuwait to Bhairahawa, scheduled for 2 pm on Wednesday, could not take place.

Generally, 1,500 meters of visibility is required for air flight operations. Visibility was only 300 meters in Bhairahawa on Thursday. Indian actors Vivek Ovarai and Suresh Ovarai’s plans to visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, have also been affected due to non-operation of flights between Kathmandu and Bhairawa.

Bhikshu Maithiya, Vice President of Lumbini Development Fund, informed that although they both planned to visit Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini and Mayadevi Temple on Thursday, it was not possible.

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