A Russian footballer is offered a 16-hour cohabitation marathon

Moscow: It has been revealed that Russian footballer Alexander Kokorin was offered a 16-hour cohabitation marathon in 2015. Porn star Elina Yeremenko was offered the opportunity to do a 16-hour marathon in the porn business when she scored 10 goals that season.

A porn star known as Alina Hennessy brought up the incident in 2015 when she gave Kokorin a 10 out of 10 during an interview about rating football players. In 2015, he was playing for Dinamo.

“Before the end of the Russian Super League, Kokorin managed to score 10 goals. As a thank you, I promised him a 16-hour cohabitation marathon,” she said in the interview.

Elina, who had many words about Kokorin, also claimed that “football and porn are the same because there are many good boys”.
However, Kokorin was not lucky with that offer. He had the opportunity to score 10 goals and receive Elina’s thank you award. However, he proved to be unlucky as he scored only one goal in the next match.

Unlucky with Elina’s offer that season, Kokorin spent another season at Dynamo and moved to Zenit St. Petersburg. He is currently signed to Italian club Fiorentina but is currently playing on loan from Cyprus’s Aris Limassol.

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