The two Nepali teams in the PUBG World Cup are sure to get at least 1-1 million in the final stage

Kathmandu. Two Nepalese teams have reached the final stage in the World Cup Championship of PUBG, an online game that makes you feel like you are fighting on the battlefield.

Nepal’s The Real Soldiers (DRS) and Trend To Kill (Tituke) have reached the final stage of the competition organized by the Chinese company Tencent in Malaysia since November 10. The two Nepali teams that have passed the semi-final stage will have to compete against 14 teams from different countries in the finals to be held in January.

48 teams from around the world participated in the PUBG World Cup tournament. DRS, Tituke and Skylights Gaming participated from Nepal. Skylights is out of the competition. In the list of 16 teams of the tournament, DRS of Nepal is in fifth place. The first team is Vietnam.

Since all the 16 teams that reached the final stage of the competition will get prizes, it is certain that two Nepali teams, DRS and Tituke, will get at least one crore rupees each. The total prize money of this competition is *4 million USD. The amount is distributed to all 16 teams based on the points they have received. Based on the number of points they increase in the game, the amount is also increased.

In a conversation with BBC Nepali Service, Tituke’s manager Sangita Gurung said that they have ensured that they will get 80,000 dollars. Similarly, the manager of DRS Sangin Bhattarai said that his group has saved 72 thousand dollars.

Here is the final 16 list

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