“Bollywood, actress Urbashi Rautela trapped in short dress” With Video

There are many actresses in the Bollywood industry who are in the limelight due to their unique fashion sense. Urvashi Rautela’s name also comes in this actress. Urvashi remains in the limelight due to her unique clothes and bold photoshoots more than her films. Where sometimes she has become a victim of oops moment. The same happened this time too, when Urvashi had to face an oops moment because of her outfit. Many of his pictures have been caught on camera.”

“Which is going viral on social media right now. Actress Urvashi 樂威壯
Rautela is one of the most active actresses on social media. Urvashi often shares some posts with her fans. Which is very much liked by his fans. Fans are liking and commenting on his post. Recently, one of his videos is going viral.”

“The viral video is from the airport. Where Urvashi is seen. During this time, photographers start taking their photos. At that time, the actress was wearing a short top and skirt. In fact, the actress was standing in one place and taking pictures. Then she starts looking at something on her phone.”

“In the midst of which a gust of wind comes and the actress’s dress starts flying, at that moment Urvashi pulls down her dress. But after some time the speed of another wind is so strong, due to which his whole clothes are lifted and his inner clothes are also clearly visible.”

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