Nepal-India joint military exercise from tomorrow

KATHMANDU: The joint military exercise between the Nepalese and Indian armies will begin from Friday. This is the 16th edition of the military exercise ‘Suryakiran’ between the Nepalese and Indian armies.A team of Indian Army has arrived at Saljhandi in Rupandehi to participate in the military exercise. The 15th edition of the joint military exercise of Nepali and Indian soldiers was held last year in Pithoragarh, India.

The exercise will focus on Surya Kiran Counter-Terrorism, Martial Arts, Humanitarian Aid, Natural Disasters, Environmental Protection. The 13th edition of Abhyas Surya Kiran was also held in Pithoragarh. The 14th edition was not held due to the risk of corona virus infection.
The military exercises of the two countries will be held at the Nepali Army Battle School at Saljhandi in Rupandehi. In the military exercise, the armies of the two countries will exchange experience on issues such as terrorism and disaster management. In the military exercise, they will practice and discuss the methods, tools and techniques of fighting against terrorism in the Himalayan region.

Military officers of Bhawani Box Battalion are participating in the military exercise on behalf of the Nepali Army. The military exercise, which will begin on Friday, will continue until January 14.

The Nepali Army has also been conducting military exercises with the American and Chinese People’s Liberation Army. After the Corona infection, the Nepali Army is conducting regular military exercises with India and America. The military exercise between the Nepali and Chinese People’s Liberation Army has now stopped.

Officials of the Nepali Army have said that military exercises between the Nepali and Chinese People’s Liberation Army could not take place due to the increasing infection of the Corona virus in China. The official said that although the military exercises are being discussed regularly with the Chinese side, the date has not been decided.

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