Twitter relaunches blue tick service with higher price

Kathmandu. Microblogging site Twitter is re-launching a subscription package that provides a verification badge i.e. Blue Tick by paying a fee. Today, on December 12, Twitter is going to restart the Blue Tick subscription.

Along with this, now users can get their account verified by paying a fee and it is said that such verified accounts will get various features from editing tweets.To purchase this paid service of Twitter, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $8. Getting a Twitter Blue subscription on an Apple iOS device will cost you a bit more. That is, now iPhone users will have to pay 11 dollars per month to get Blue Tick on Twitter.

This time, Twitter will review the user’s account carefully. Only verified phone number holders will now get blue tick on Twitter. For this, Twitter employees will review the accounts themselves.Twitter product manager Esther Crawford says: We have taken some new steps to prevent any kind of fake and illegal work. Any user’s account will be thoroughly reviewed before being given a blue tick.

After reviewing and verifying the account, the user will be given a verification badge i.e. blue tick. It is said that the blue ticked account will have the facility for users to edit their tweets.However, the tweet must be edited within 30 minutes of tweeting. Apart from this, 1080 pixel video can also be uploaded on Twitter and long tweets can also be made. Subscribers’ tweets will be prioritized and they will see 50 percent less ads on their timeline than other regular users.

Changing the photo and name will remove the blue tick
Interestingly, if a user changes their name or profile picture on a Twitter account with a blue tick, the blue tick will be removed from the account. After that, the blue tick will be given only after reviewing and verifying the user’s account. It is said that Twitter will monitor users who change their Twitter profile picture or name during any special campaign or protest.

Tweeting from its official account, Twitter said: Subscribers can change their handle, display name or profile photo, but doing so will temporarily remove the blue tick. Then the account will be re-verified.

Constant use on Twitter
Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, bought Twitter last month. With the purchase of Twitter, he is constantly testing it. For the first time, the company set a fee of $8 for Twitter Blue subscription. But many fake accounts also got Blue Tick when they got Blue Tick by paying money.

Various companies also suffered huge losses when such fake accounts with blue ticks tweeted wrongly. After that, Twitter announced that Blue subscription has been canceled for the time being. Now it is going to start again in a new way. With the help of the agency

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