Nepali team has reached the final stage of PUBG Mobile World Championship

Kathmandu. The Nepali team DRS Gaming has reached the final stage of the ongoing PUBG Mobile World Championship. Another team from Nepal, Trend To Kill (TTUK), has already reached the final after performing well in the group stage.

In the tournament in Malaysia, DRS failed to qualify directly from the group stage. In the PUBG Mobile World Championship, 48 teams selected from around the world competed in the group stage. The top three teams in the 16-team group will directly enter the finals. This is how TTK reached the final stage.DRS, which is in the other group, did not qualify directly after finishing fifth in the group stage. Among the teams ranked 4th to 11th in the group t犀利士
hat did not qualify directly, five teams made it to the final stage through the survival stage and then the last chance.

DRS was seventh with 114 points when 16 teams were selected for the last chance from the survival stage. Nepal’s third team, Skylides, which is playing the PUBG Mobile World Championship, could not pass the survival stage.In the last chance stage of 16 participating teams, five teams reached the final stage and DRS finished fourth with 111 points.

With this, the equation of the final stage of the World Championship has been completed. There will be 16 teams in this phase. 9 teams directly from the group stage (3 ÷ 3 teams from three groups), 5 teams from the last chance for survival and 2 teams directly invited by the organizers will play in the final stage.

Until now, the final stage matches of the World Championship held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia from January 6 to 8, 2023.

DRS, who finished fifth in the group stage, received a prize of US$ 21,000. He got 20,000 dollars for being seventh in the survival stage and 22,000 dollars for being fourth in the last chance. The total prize money of the final round will be 150,000 US dollars.

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