Germany in a ‘do or die’ situation

Doha: Thomas Müller wants all Germany players to perform at their best in the match against Costa Rica at the Al Bayat Stadium on Thursday night, so that this match against Costa Rica is not the last match for Germany in Qatar World Cup. To reach the preliminary stage of the FIFA World Cup, it is not enough for Germany to win against Costa Rica, but Spain will also have to defeat Asian rivals Japan.

Only if the equation between Spain and Japan is matched with itself, title contenders Germany will reach the knockout stage of the Qatar World Cup. Otherwise, the four-time world champions will return home from the group stage of the World Cup for the second time in a row. 2014 title winners Germany were knocked out in the group stage at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. At that time, Germany was eliminated from the first round for the first time since 1938. Germany, which faced the worst result of this century four years ago, has come to a ‘do or die’ situation this time as well.

History will be on Germany’s side when they take on Costa Rica on Thursday night. Germany have won six of their eight matches against CONCACAF nations. Similarly, Costa Rica has ensured victory in only one of 11 matches against European nations. Looking at this history, Germany is hoping to qualify for the World Cup. The 33-year-old Müller is also saying that winning is not an option to stay in the World Cup. Müller wants all the players in the team, who are probably playing their last World Cup, to think about it.

After the unexpected loss to Japan, I was thinking about this for a long time. However, after Costa Rica defeated Japan, the game took a different turn. While watching that game, we suddenly started screaming. Because that game was very important for us”, Müller said, “Then let’s decide to play as a whole team. We proved it in the match against Spain. Now the same thing will have to be proved in the match against Costa Rica.

Muller, 33, has scored 10 goals in the FIFA World Cup. Despite having the opportunity to play in the opening two matches in Qatar, he has not been able to score a goal. In Sunday’s match against Spain, he managed to touch the ball 18 times in 70 minutes. Niklas Fulkung, who replaced him, scored the equalizing goal against Spain. In the last year, my role has been the same as that of Eknas. “I’m trying to play like my teammates every game,” Muller said. He in the last 10 matches of the World Cup
are goalless.

Along with Müller, head coach Hansi Filik is also under pressure for the match against Costa Rica. So, before Thursday night’s game, the players will be eager to instill confidence to prove their mettle. “The team or any member of the team should be able to understand how to get out of pressure,” he said, “so this team still has a lot of potential.” We have to prove that now. I am convinced that we have great potential. Costa Rica and Germany have met only once so far. Germany won 4-2 in the match during the 2006 World Cup.

A player who can make an impact
Kiser Fuller
(Costa Rica)

After more than 184 minutes (including extra time), Kiser Fuller found the target in World Cup football. In the same goal, he scored for Costa Rica. With the help of his only goal, Costa Rica defeated Japan 1-0. The 28-year-old Fuller, who made his debut through this World Cup, has scored one goal in the last two matches.

He has been in the national team since 2019 and has scored three goals in the 33 matches he has played so far. Fuller, who scored his first goal in a friendly against Jamaica in 2019, scored a goal against the United States in a World Cup qualifier in 2021. If Fuller scores against powerhouse Germany on Thursday night, he will become only the fourth player to score more goals in World Cup football after Ronald Gomez in 2002, Paulo Wanchopp in 2006 and Bryan Ruiz in 2014.

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